Every time you conquer one mountain you are left with a desire to climb and conquer other mountains. From the tallest to average height mountains the challenge is always worth it. As you climb up, you are always energized and inspired as you get to learn a lot of things as you interact with nature. The following are top mountains that you should put on your list if you believe you can climb up.

  • Mount Everest, Nepal

No other satisfaction can you ever have other than conquering the tallest mountain on the planets. Rising 8,856 meters above sea level makes it the highest mountain on Earth. This is considered mountaineering achievement that is greatest. The first people to accomplish these challenges were Tensing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary in the year of 1953 when they reached the peak passing through the South Col route. To date over other 2,000 people have ascended to the pick using the same route which is the most route successfully climbed the mountain.

  • Mount Khuiten, Mongolia

The trek and the climb of Mount Khuiten s scenic and enjoyable. This is characterized by features such as the rolling landscapes, the lovely warm hearts of Kazakh nomads, and the endless green steppes. These scenes will carry away the worries of the travelers and make the climbing an enjoyable adventure. The mountain is at the corner of Mongolia, China, and Russia. To reach the mountain, you will have to cross vast, golden and barren landscape with is among the remote areas of the entire world. The hospitality of the Kazakh people would make this Journey an enjoyable experience.

  • Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

At the border of Kenya and Tanzania is Africa’s highest mountain. It’s a flat-topped mountain made up of extinct Volcanoes, Shira, Mawenzi, and Kibo. Its highest peak is, Uhuru 5,899 meters high. Climbing the mountain is one of the best experience. You will get the opportunity to see the birds and animals when you take the Machame Route. Then you will trek through the Shira Plateau on your way to the top across the Grand Barranco Canyon. You will need several stopovers at Stella point and another one around Kibo’s rim and head to Uhuru.

  • Damavand, Iran

The Elburz mountains are stunning and huge as they lean on the Caspian Sea Tehran northeast. Damavand’s peaks stand at an altitude of 5,795 meters. The mountain climbing is one of a kind as you get the view of steam rising from hot springs pockmark of fumaroles which is a dormant volcano where the two would give the climbers a dazzling view of the mountain. At the top of the mountain, you can see a wide view of the sea waters as far as your eyes can ever see.

There is a satisfaction that comes after mountain climbing. You are tired, but your body is refreshed. You will burn a lot of fat as you exercise. Your body will be fit, and your red cells performance will have improved which is a plus to the body.