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We understand search engine marketing. Founded in 2002 Pictura Online Marketing provides a comprehensive selection of search engine marketing solutions.

We take an integrated  approach to search engine marketing. We believe that the best search engine marketing solutions involve an integrated approach to search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and link building.

We focus on customer acquisition and lead generation programs. Our targeted campaigns are designed to deliver high-quality sales leads and customers while maximizing your return on your search advertising investment.  Industry studies have shown that customer acquisition costs are lower for search advertising campaigns than the costs for other marketing channels used by our clients.

We approach this discipline from a marketing perspective. We realize that effective search marketing is a combination of science and art. Success requires much more than keywords and campaign management software. We understand the importance of properly communicating your brand and unique market position to searchers, because search engines play a critical role in the overall online customer experience.



Pictura Online Marketing is a division of Pictura Publishing LLC, a diverse online company based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, which both operates retail-oriented web sites and provides consulting services on online advertising and web design.   Our management team has over 80 years in combined marketing experience in industries as diverse as transportation, financial services and retail merchandising.

Our Online Advertising group develops comprehensive online advertising programs for companies and organizations nationwide.  Our goal is to increase our client's business by bringing them a significant volume of highly targeted Internet traffic.

Our Retail group develops web sites which are focused on bringing value to our customers.  These web sites offer  significant discounts to our customers on products ranging from jewelry to golf accessories to shoes.

Our Web Design group concentrates on the development of high quality web sites at a reasonable cost.  Our web designs work to compliment our client's brand and enhance their online presence.




Pictura Online helped us refine our online marketing strategy to get more qualified leads.

Bill Griffin

William L. Griffin & Co.




Our search presence was non-existent.  Pictura Online helped us improve our position in both organic and paid search.

Brett Hildreth

Dragon Manufacturing




I like the reporting we get from Pictura Online.  I know exactly how many people saw my ads and how many clicked through to my site.

Michael Ovshak

FPS Financia