Places to visit in Paris


When we think of Paris, France, love is the first thought that comes to our minds, it is the romantic destination par excellence, but it is also a city with a immense and ancient cultural legacy. France is a romantic country where republican ideas came into the light many years ago during the bloody French Revolution, where arts have been a relevant part of the life of french people and love is always in the air.


Paris, the capital and most populous city in France, condense all of the above in 105km2, it is the world’s top tourist destination and every year is visited by millions of tourists who want to see part of the past and present glory of that great country.


What to visit in Paris


If you want to be one of the lucky persons who has enjoyed the wonders that this spectacular city offers, then schedule your time carefully, because there are many touristic places to visit, museums, temples, monuments, architecture and more. However we can tell at least three top places you can’t miss in your trip.


First, you definitely have to visit the Eiffel Tower, this extraordinary tower was built from 1887 to 1889 and was hardly criticized at first but now it is a symbol of France, and we can’t think in Paris without the Eiffel Tower, besides it has touristic attractions for all its visitors.


You can’t miss the Louvre Museum, scenery of countless films and novels, a place where the most famous and amazing works of art are shown, as the Monalisa, for example, the architecture of the museum is very special too, so it is a building worthy to be seen.


And finally you should go to the third icon monument of Paris The Triumph Arch (Arc de Triomphe) located in the famous Elysium Fields (Champs-Élysées). It was built to represent the victories of the French army, in the base you can find the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and inside the Arch there is a museum.




The 2016 population of Paris was 12,142,802 and each year receives millions of tourists, so the traffic is heavy in this city, if you are going to use a particular vehicle, you should have the phone number of traffic agents, towing service and emergency numbers